Chick Chat with Kim

Chick Chat with Kim

Join Kim and Stitch on KXA every Thursday @ 8:45AM on KXA - 1520AM or 101.1FM for their weekly "Chick Chat" in which they talk about chicks and all things farming. 

04 May



"I go here for ethanol free gasoline fill ups for my 2-cycle outdoor equipment, to get lawn fertilizer and pick-up lawn seed. I really like their MV Top Choice lawn seed. I drive up from near Woodinville because I think the quality of the products they sell are worth it. Easy enough to get in and out but it's probably wise to plan on visiting at a time of day when it's not expected to be extremely busy. Weekend mornings I can get in and out in about 10 minutes."

Garrett W, Yelp

"Great people and great selection. You can't go wrong. "

Daniel Lyon, Google

"My boyfriend and I got our child (Pearl) here a year ago. Pearl has been a great duck, and has had no health/aggression issues. She even has learned a few tricks.

I bumped them up from 3 stars to 4 stars because theres an older guy (basically hes not a teenager) who loads the feed in our car, and damnit, hes the best feed loader in the WORLD. He stacks it evenly and neatly, he's also super friendly. Most feed stores do not load feed correctly, which is annoying because then you can't see out the back of your car and the weight is uneven. This guy deserves a raise."

Morgan L, Yelp