Chick Season 2020

February 28, 2020 to September 25, 2020

Chick Days Notes

  1. No holds or pre-pays: you must be present, in the store to purchase birds. The only exception will be as a special order picked up on the day of the special-order arrival.
  2. Birds will not be available for sale until 11:00 am the day of their arrival.
  3. All chicks, except meat birds, have been vaccinated by the hatchery for Marek's disease.
  4. Unless marked "Straight-Run", chicks have been "sexed" by the hatchery - results are 90% effective.
  5. "Straight-Run" birds are hatched, and sent out to us without being sexed. About 50% of birds will be female, and 50% will be male.
  6. We do not guarantee the sex of any bird. Older, unwanted birds may be dropped off at our Monroe store. No chicks! They must be in good health, and old enough to fend for themselves in an outdoor environment.
  7. Purchase and prepare housing for chicks prior to purchase of birds. Make sure the habitat is properly warmed, safe from predators, and supplied with food, clean water, and adequate bedding.
  8. Death sometimes happens to small creatures. We monitor all of our birds carefully, making sure that they are strong and healthy enough to go home with customers. Proof of purchase and death are required for replacement bird.
  9. Should multiple deaths occur in your young flock, we will help you find solutions to prevent that problem from occurring again. Unfortunately, we cannot replace birds that die due to mistake or negligence on the part of the owner.
  10. Once a chick is purchased and leaves the store, we cannot refund or take it back.
  11. Birds are happiest as members of a flock. To support their health, a minimum purchase of two birds of the same species is required. Manager's approval will be required to make exceptions. 

Chick Sales Policy Chick Sales Policy (163 KB)