CHS Payback Poultry Feeds

Snohomish and Monroe Co-op supplies CHS Payback poultry feeds. See our listing of available products below.

CHS Payback Poultry Feeds




CHS Payback Poultry

Payback Egg Layer Ration

Egg Layer Ration is a complete feed for chickens during egg production. Begin feeding this product free-choice when egg production begins. Continue feeding throughout the laying stage..

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Payback Organic Layer 16%

Feed ORGANIC LAYER 16 PELLET-BULK as sole ration for laying hens

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Payback 5 Grain Scratch

Poultry Scratch Feed is designed to be used as the grain portion of poultry rations. This product should be fed in combination with other poultry feeds and not fed as the sole ration.

CHS Payback Specialty Feeds

Payback Complete Pigeon Pellet

Feed Complete Pigeon Pellet as a complete ration to pigeons.