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Poultry Medications


An all-around starter and maintenance fertilizer containing 10% of nitrogen, 20% of phosphorus, and 20% of potassium. Good for gardens, new lawns and for early season establishment for pastures.
Packaged for 5,000 square feet of coverage.


An all-purpose fertilizer containing 16% of nitrogen, 16% of phosphorus, and 16% of potassium. Good for pastures and gardens, and great for corn.
Packaged for 5,000 square feet of coverage.



An all purpose fertilizer for lawns which contains 18% of nitrogen, 18% of phosphorus, and 18% of potassium. This product is used on golf course fairways, sports fields and hydro seeding applications.
Packaged for 5,000 square feet of coverage.
18-18-18 Fertilizer Product Info

20-12-8-8 Slow Release

Fertilizer for fast growth and greening on turf grasses which contains 20% of nitrogen, 12% of phosphorus, 8% of potassium, and 8% of sulfur. The sulfur helps prevent moss by stabilizing the iron in the soil.
Packaged for 5,000 square feet of coverage.


16-0-8 Bonide Weed/Feed

A product that kills dandelions and other broadleaf weeds on contact while fertilizing turf. This 16% nitrogen, 8% potassium compound Contains Viper, premium slow-release fertilizer and Vital-X micronutrients. The iron in the product assists with deep greening of grass.

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13-0-3 Weed/Feed

An excellent choice for controlling broad-leaf weeds in turf while feeding existing grass. This 13% nitrogen, 3% potassium product contains no iron and won't stain. Use on all turf areas including home lawns, sport fields and business parks.
Packaged to cover 10,000 square feet.


Ferrous Sulfate

A more natural compound than most herbicides, this iron-based product kills moss and helps grass to replace it, conditioning and greening your lawn. This product will stain concrete and is corrosive to metal. Do not apply it to anything but grasses.
Packaged to cover 10,000 square feet.