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LMF Horse Feeds

With over 15 formulas and multiple forage types, LMF is a leading brand chosen by horse owners and veterinarians in the western states. Based on the age of your horse, type of forage fed and use, LMF has a formula to suit your horses' needs.

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LMF Feeds - Products

Senior Feed

A complete, nutritionally balanced feed program for older horses unable to chew grass or hay.

Low Carb Senior Feed

LMF Senior Low Carb is a “unique feed” for older horses with carbohydrate sensitivities. LMF Senior Low Carb contains fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals (including chelated trace minerals and organic selenium) and yeast culture to aid in digestion. LMF Senior Low Carb is formulated to reduce starch and sugar intake for older horses that may be sensitive to carbohydrate related diseases. Critical nutrients are presented in highly palatable form that horses readily consume. LMF Senior Low Carb also contains glucosamine for joint health. LMF Senior Low Carb is designed as a total diet for all categories of horses, except young growing horses under 12 month of age, but is especially appropriate for older horses with chewing difficulties and carbohydrate sensitivities.

Super Supplement

A complete horse supplement for horses of all ages containing essential trace minerals and vitamins. Super Supplement contains balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to insure proper intake and proper ratio of calcium to phosphorus.


Maximum condition with maximum calm. The perfect choice for all types of show horses and ponies.

Performance Feed

A nutritionally advanced feed for athletic horses.

Gentle Balance

Formulated for pleasure horses performing light to moderate levels of exercise.

Prime Time

Designed specifically for the senior horse that can still chew and digest hay or pasture.


A highly fortified grain concentrate suitable for horses of all ages. Perfect to develop sound foals, broodmares, and light performance horses.


A complete feed for adult horses.

Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate Complete

Formulated to be the complete diet for horses diagnosed as being carbohydrate intolerant.

Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate Stage 1 Feed

Formulated to reduce carbohydrate intake for horses that may be at risk of carbohydrate related problems.


The Perfect Choice for your Athletic Horse.

Digest 911

Top dressing designed to assist in restoring order to the gut in equines, and ruminants.

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