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Snohomish Co-op supplies Scratch and Peck Feeds. See our listing of available products below.

100% Soy Free and Non-GMO!

Naturally Free Chicken Feed (Soy and Corn Free)


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Scratch and Peck Feeds - Products


Naturally Free Starter Feed should be used from day 1 until approximately 8 weeks of age for laying birds. Broilers are recommended to switch at 4 weeks to the Broiler Grower. Be sure to offer Chick Grit in their brooder as free choice or scattered in the bedding. Chick Grit is necessary for optimal gizzard development to aid in digestion and maximum nutrient absorption of the whole grains.

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Layer - Laying Hens (20 Weeks On)

Naturally Free Layer is the complete diet for your laying hens. This is the final product in our poultry series intended to follow our Soy Free or Naturally Free Grower and Naturally Free Starter Feeds. This is a whole grain mash feed made with our specially formulated nutrient mix and contains No Soy and No Corn.

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Grower - Developing Pullets (8-20 weeks)

Naturally Free Grower is the transitional feed between Naturally Free Starter and either Naturally Free Layer or Soy Free Layer. This is a whole grain mash feed made with our specially formulated nutrient mix and contains No Soy and No Corn. Perfect for your “adolescent” hens, this feed is intended for pullets from 8 weeks to approx 18-20 weeks of age or until they begin to lay eggs. Although Grower Feed is nutritionally similar to our Layer Feeds it does not contain necessary calcium levels needed for shell strength.

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Starter - Chicks (0-8 weeks) Broilers (0-4 weeks)

Chick Starter Ground Mash has 21% protein and is used to give baby chicks and broilers a healthy start. Use this feed for the first 8 weeks; 4 weeks for broilers.

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Scratch n Corn - (8+ Weeks)

Feed to your chickens as a supplement to their normal diet for additional energy.

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Soy Free Broiler Grower

This 20% protein, Soy-free formual should be fed to your meat birds from 4 weeks to finish. Gradually replace their Ground Starter Feed with this whole grain formula for optimal nutrition. Be sure to offer Grit.

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Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is used in many ways, most notably as a natural way to prevent and treat parasites in poultry and other animals. Studies have shown that feeding DE to poultry may improve both egg production, egg weight, and the general health of your birds. It can also be used as an external dust to prevent and kill mites.

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring substance composed of porous sediment formed from fossil remains of diatoms and it also contains amorphous silica. The tiny diatom shells that make up what you see are not digested but pass through the digestive tract collecting bacteria, viruses and other build up on the intestinal wall. Silica is absorbed into the blood stream which contributes to destroying bad fats, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Important Note: Use caution when using as you do not want this product to be inhaled or get into eyes. Wear proper dust mask and eye protection! Only use Food Grade DE around animals!

Respiratory problems can occur from inhalation of DE. This is called Silicosis. Silicosis is a medical condition of the lungs that can occur with repetitive inhalation of certain dusty, fine particle substances; Diatomaceous Earth being one of them. It often takes years to develop. So what can you do?

  • Wear a mask when using DE.
  • Let any cloud of DE dissipate prior to working in that area.
  • Ventilate the coop well when applying and using DE.
  • Avoid using DE if you have a pre-existing lung condition.
  • Most chickens live out their natural lives prior to developing Silicosis.

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