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Shavings and Bedding

We sell shavings and bedding products used for small animals, dogs, horses, and other farm animals. Our shavings are 100% natural wood from the northwest and are available in white (Fir) or Cedar (Western) and come in press bales.

Shavings - Products

Gem White

Gem Shavings White

80% Western Hemlock, 20% Douglas Fir

  • 12 cu. ft. loose
  • Size: 30" x 18" x 12"
  • Weight: 43-46 lbs.
  • Available in Small Flake
    • 9 cu. ft. loose

Gem Cedar

Gem Shavings Cedar

100% Western Red Cedar

  • 12 cu. ft. loose
  • Size: 30" x 18" x 12"
  • Weight: 43-46 lbs.

Our Bedding Pellets - Products

Eagle Valley Advanced Bedding Management (ABM)

Eagle Valley ABM Bedding
  • Used for equine, livestock, and small animals
  • 100% white wood with approximately 4% moisture content
  • More absorbent than paper pellets, cob litter or shavings
  • No additives or chemicals
  • Also avalable in 40 lb. bags

Nature's Bedding Pellets

Nature's Bedding Pellets

  • Used for equine, livestock, and small animals
  • Kiln Dried Pine - Non allergenic and healthier for animals
  • Highly Absorbent - Requires less use which lasts longer and saves money
  • Reduces Clean-up - Saves time, easy to pick and dust free - Quick and easy to pick than shavings; less volume
  • Environmentally Friendly - less volume and breaks down quicker than shavings
  • Available in a 40 lb. bag

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