Our Story

The Snohomish Co-op was founded in 1936. Originally known as the Snohomish Valley Cooperative. Over the years we have had many updates and changes to our assortment, branding and size. In our history, we have serviced vehicles, delivered fuel, and we even had our very own line of Co-op tires. One thing has remained constant: our dedication to supporting local area farmers and the Snohomish valley community. While we no longer service vehicles or machinery, we take tremendous pride in sourcing the best quality products and offering them at the best prices. Founded as a Co-op, we are still a member owned business, though you are not required to be a member to shop with us.

We currently have two stores to serve you, Snohomish and Monroe. Both locations are staffed with knowledgeable friendly staff who are ready to answer all your questions, help you start your projects and even work with you on special orders.

You do not need to operate a farm to shop with us, as we have a great selection of gardening tools and supplies in our garden center. Whether you have a single raised bed or acres of land on your homestead, we have what you need. Our in-store product assortment includes Animal Health and Supply needs, food, treats toys carriers and more for the family pets. For your larger animals like Sheep, Goats, Pigs, and even your exotics like Lamas and Alpacas, we have the supplements, mineral blocks, specialized food and treats to make them happy.

Of course, we have a wide selection of products for the equestrian community as well including Tack, saddle pads, blankets, grooming, buckets and more. We are also a convenient drop off location for your blanket cleaning services.

Both of our locations offer home heating solutions including Kerosene, burning pellets and logs as well as accessories for your wood or pellet stoves.

Our Snohomish Location has Ethanol Free Fuels which are available 24/7. They even offer specialty fuels such as dyed (off road diesel) and racing fuel. So, whether you need to fill up 5 gallon containers for your small engine items, your boat, or that high classic show car our 24/7 pump availability is ideal for you. If you have a larger vehicle, a commercial vehicle and need a high flow diesel nozzle, or you just need to drive your tractor down the road for a fill up our Snohomish location has you covered.

Our awesome selection does not stop there, we have all the feed, hay, alfalfa and straw your animals need. We even have an amazing house brand of feed milled locally by Conway feed. Our SnoCo house brand is milled fresh to order, has no binders or preservatives and is always guaranteed fresh for you. We even offer delivery to make it even easier for you to stay in stock of everything you and your animals need.

Fencing, gates, tree stakes, mud control and more are available at both locations.

We also have BABY CHICKS! Seasonally we offer baby birds of all styles from chickens to game birds. We have everything you need to start them off and to maintain them through their adult life. Not to mention a knowledgeable staff who are here to help you along the way. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just got your very first baby chicks, we can answer all your questions and guide you along the way.

So, come on down and visit us in person. We would love to get to know you!

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