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There is a confirmed case of bird flu in the Monroe area so we are temporarily halting the bird drop-off/intake until further notice for safety measures.

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Introducing our house-brand feed line, SNOCO milled by Conway Feed

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War Pig Smokehouse - BBQ Takeout, Catering & Classes

This weekend we are kicking off our 2022 local business spotlight events. On June 4th Warpig Smokehouse is going to be on site. Award-winning BBQ in Marysville, WA. Brought to you by PitMaster Jason B. Four generation family recipes available NOW to the public by high demand.

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Founded in 1935 to support the local farms and community in the Snohomish Valley the Snohomish Co-op is still going strong today. We are still just as dedicated to supporting local farms as well as all our neighbors and homesteaders. Now with two locations to serve you (Snohomish and Monroe) it is even easier to get great pricing, and exceptional service.

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Radio Tips
January 19, 2023

Planting Berries

To get the most out of the growing season, you must be planned, prepped, and ready to execute your gardening plans by the time the season arrives. Berries are a plant growing in popularity and a great use of space. Some of these plants like the cane berries (raspberries, blackberries) can be planted as early as February in the Snohomish area and blueberries as early as March!

Radio Tips
January 12, 2023

Feeding Wildlife

When the winter arrives we usually assume that the animals will be leaving, but in reality most of those outdoor friends are still around and in need of food and water. Birds and deer are common animals that you can continue to feed through the winter!

Radio Tips
January 12, 2023

Stay Safe In The Snow & Ice

When dealing with snow and ice, as pretty as it is, there are some concerns. When driving on the roads we trust the road maintenance crews to be clearing the roads and applying sand and ice to make our commutes possible. The same principles can be applied to our own driveways and walkways to help us deal with the weather in a safe and affordable way.