Frequently asked questions

When are your fuel pumps open?

Like most gas stations, our ETHANOL FREE fuel and diesel fuel pumps are available 24/7 using your credit card at the pump. The self-serve VP110 pumps are only available during regular business hours. Learn more about bulk fuels available at our Snohomish and Monroe locations.

When will the 2019 patronage vouchers be mailed out?

Patronage vouchers have already been sent! Check your mailbox for you 2019 patronage.

What if I don't receive my 2019 patronage voucher?

If you do not receive your 2019 patronage voucher, please contact Barbara at the Snohomish store location: (360) 568 - 2104 to make sure that we have your correct address.

Why is my patronage distributed as a voucher rather than a check?

The Snohomish Co-Op will no longer be sending out actual checks as patronage payouts. In past years we have had problems with fraud and uncollected checks. This voucher method is a cost saving, and more efficient way to get our members their patronage refunds.

Why should I become a member of the Snohomish Co-Op?

Join the purchasing power of over 8,500 members, and support a local business. As the Co-Op's purchasing power grows, our prices get better and better. Plus, you'll be eligable for discounts, access to Member Appreciation sales, patronage refunds, and equity in the company. Visit our membership page for more information.