The Snohomish Co-Op offers bedding choices suitable for all livestock and pet needs. When choosing your bedding consider your animal's unique needs. Shavings can be softer to sleep on. Pellets can provide immediate absorption of liquids.

  • Gem White Shavings
  • Gem Small Flake Shavings
  • Gem Fines
  • Cozy Den Cedar Shavings
  • North Idaho Pellets
  • Nature's Bedding Pellets

While cedar shavings are great for dog runs and kennels, it should be avoided for poultry and animals with hooves. We also carry paper shavings suitable for small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs.

All of our bedding choices are made from pure wood product, properly cured, and never have chemical additives.

Do you need a pallet of bedding? Let our top-notch delivery team bring it out to you.

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