Evergreen Youth Livestock Show

Snohomish& Monroe Co-Op Sponsorship Application

Upon receipt of your application for sponsorship, scheduling, and participation of an interview, we will be hand selecting the most dedicated applicants to sponsor their current project in the form of a gift card to our Co-Ops! Hoping to cover approximately 20% of total costs for your project, they will be for these amounts:

Steer:$500, Hog: $150, Lamb: $120, Goat: $120, Turkey: $20, Broiler Pen:$20, Rabbit: $20.

Applications for large animals (steer, hog, lamb, and goat) will be due 4/29. Interviews will be conducted by 5/20 and a winners will be announced by 5/22.

Applications for small animals (rabbit, broiler, and turkey) will be due 7/15. Interviews will be conducted by 8/5 and winners will be announced by 8/7.

Applications can also be emailed to sophie@snohomishcoop.com (Monroe) or mariah@snohomishcoop.com (Snohomish), or they can be brought directly back to either the Snohomish or Monroe Co-Op.

We all look forward to meeting all our applicants and their EYLS projects this year! Since 1936, the Snohomish Co-Op has been a supporter of the local agricultural community. Serving professional farmers that do it for a living, hobby farmers that do it for fun, or even just those folks that like to keep a couple of chickens and tomato plants in their backyard! What better way to give back to our upcoming population of livestock growers than helping to sponsor participants of the Evergreen Youth Livestock Show and Auction (EYLS)?

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