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November 13, 2023

Blanket Cleaning Service

Cleaning your horse blankets and tack can be intimidating. They can be so dirty, they’re bulky, and you might be worried about doing it correctly. Here at the Coop, we do our very best to make taking care of your animals and farm as easy as possible. This includes providing two different Blanket Cleaning Services through our stores to take care of the blanket cleaning for you. This is an extremely easy process that is affordable and convenient!

Our Snohomish store is a drop off and pick up location for the two companies we work with. The two companies service our store on different days of the week to make it more convenient for your schedule. They both have a one week turnaround process. These two companies are Blanket Express and Hoofbeat Blankets. Our Monroe Coop store is a pickup and dropoff location for Blanket Express as well!

How it works

The process all starts by bagging up the items you need cleaned and bringing them into the Coop. We have a section in each of our stores dedicated to the blanket cleaning service. At these locations there are shelves (one for each company at Snohomish) To clearly indicate which cleaning company that shelf is affiliated with.

Once you choose the desired service company they have a “Laundry Tag” coupled with pens for you to fill out the necessary information. Even if you have never used either of these services before, they make it simple to set up and become a customer! Simply fill out all the information on the Laundry Tag and if you are a new customer or they have any further questions to clarify regarding the items they are servicing or payment they will contact you directly! Attach the Laundry Tag to the bag that you have your blanket in, and place it on the shelf.

Both of these companies offer a one week turnaround. You will pick up the product the same way you left it. It will be placed on the shelf in a bag and be labeled for you to easily identify your item. Since these services require payment prior to leaving them for you to pick up once cleaned, you can simply grab your items after you finish your shopping in our stores and head out! It really is that easy!



Blanket Express does their Pickup/DropOff on Wednesdays

Hoofbeat Blanket does their Pickup/ DropOff on Thursdays


Blanket Express does their pickup at this location in Wednesdays


Both companies offer services other than cleaning that we want you to be aware of so you can utilize.

Waterproofing: During the rain season, most people have their blankets waterproofed 2-3 times at the minimum. This not only protects the animal better but in fact makes the blanket itself last longer too. This is a great service to consider including when you send in your blanket.

Repairs: Repairs are also a service that can be done by these companies. Although some repairs may take additional time and will be quoted for the price separately, they try to still keep the turnaround within their week timeframe. Repairing small ware and tear on the blankets is often a much more cost effective choice and it will also increase the effectiveness for your animal as well as comfortability.

Try out this great service at either one of our Snohomish and Monroe locations!

We’ll see you at the Coop!

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