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January 12, 2023

Bulk Fuel

Our Snohomish location is a fuel station with eight pumps to serve our customers. These pumps are available 24/7 and accept card payment at the pump. The Co-op is very proud to offer ethanol-free gasoline as one of the few in the area to provide this highly sought after fuel type. We offer 87 octane gasoline as our Regular and 92 octane as our Premium, both ethanol-free.

Since this is such a popular choice for many people's generators and small engine equipment and performance vehicles, we have a carry gas cans in our store for your convenience so you can make sure to get all the fuel you need all in one trip.

Ethanol is a vegetable-based alcohol that can be highly corrosive and damaging to certain equipment and motors. It has been known to cause rust and higher condensation rates in fuel tanks and motor compartments. It has also been known to foul carburetors and erode fuel lines. It also has a gelling effect on the fuel that sits for a period of time. Our ethanol-free fuel is enjoyed by many of our regular customers who want to buy high quality fuel for their cars, equipment, and toys.

At our pumps we also carry VP110 racing fuel in bulk! Due to the cost of this fuel and some legal parameters surrounding how it can be dispensed only into fuel cans, this fuel is only available during our store hours at two of our pumps as well as five-gallon VP cans of some specialty fuel types and options including: VP110, VP T2, VP C50, VPC10, VP C12.

We offer diesel at two of our regular pumps as well as two pumps with high-flow nozzles! At the high-flow diesel pumps we have two pumps designated to off-road “dyed” diesel. These pumps are also open 24/7 and can accept payment at the pump.

We also stock the diesel fuel cans in our store if you need some extra or have to transport your diesel.

Being a resource for the community is one of the most important things to the Co-op. In seeking to provide useful products that our customers need, we have a few more bulk fuels that we carry!

Propane is a common household item these days and we are happy to offer both propane refills as well as new propane tanks in many different sizes! These sizes include 4.5 gallon, 7 gallon, 9.5 gallon, 22.5 gallon, and 100 gallon tanks! This is available at both our Monroe and Snohomish locations.

You can also find bulk kerosene here at the Co-op! This kerosene is dyed 1-K Kerosene. Come in and get a supply of kerosene fuel. To make it easy for you we also supply the blue kerosene five-gallon cans!

Lastly, you can get biodiesel here at the Co-op as well! Biodiesel is extremely hard to find these days in bulk, but there are more and more motors that can accommodate this renewable energy form. We are happy to offer this for our customers who need this fuel accessible and want you to be aware that it’s available in bulk here at the Co-op!

Come in and see all the automotive and fuel storage supplies in our stores!

We’ll see you at the Co-op!

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