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January 6, 2022

Bulk Fuels

Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op we offer bulk fuels that can be difficult to find else where. Visit our Snohomish location to stock up on bulk kerosene, dyed farm-diesel, ethanol free fuels, and biodiesel. Available at both locations, in Snohomish and Monroe, we sell VP110, and bulk propane to fill empty propane bottles. Our friendly team is well trained to pump all of our fuels, and we always have someone available to help. Visit us today to take advantage of our competitive prices, and great selection of bulk fuels.

Small-engine equipment like snowmobiles, generators, and chainsaws are not designed to handle high ethanol-based gasoline. Ethanol in gasoline burns much hotter and may cause small engines to overheat. Ethanol is also an excellent solvent: it will dissolve plastic, rubber, fiberglass and much more, potentially causing serious problems in small engines. Ethanol also attracts water, increasing the risk of rust forming on the interior engine parts.

Compared to traditional gas blends like E10 that have 10% ethanol, non-ethanol gas lasts much longer. If stored properly, ethanol-free gas can last up to six months, compared to a three-month shelf life of E10 gasoline. Perfect for winter storm preparation for generators and chainsaws, ethanol free fuel is not as likely to succumb to oxidation or evaporation. Ethanol-Free gasoline also improves mileage. It has higher energy content, so it delivers more power when burned.

At our Snohomish location, all of our gas pumps are ethanol free. We offer regular 87octane fuel as well as premium 92 octane. Just like other gas stations, our pumps are available 24/7 when using a credit card out at the pump. With a $100 buy in, you can become a loyalty member of the Co-Op. Loyalty Members save 3%off fuel purchases, and 10% off in-store purchases. Members also earn patronage with every purchase: we return a portion of our profits to members. Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op, we love to save you money, any way we can.

Visit both of our locations to have your propane bottles refilled. If your bottle is out of date, we sell new ones and give a discount on the first fill-up. Our entire staff is well-trained to fill all types of propane bottles. We will even help you load heavy tanks safely into your truck.

Visit us today, or give us a call to learn about all of our bulk fuel options here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op. You’ll love our selection, our friendly and trained team members, and our competitive prices. From bulk kerosene, biodiesel, dyed farm diesel and ethanol free fuel in Snohomish, to VP110 racing fuels, and propane refills available in Snohomish and Monroe, we have what you need to keep warm and all fueled up this winter.

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