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October 22, 2021

Burning Pellets and Fire Logs

As the weather gets cooler and wetter, it’s time to stock up on fire logs and burning pellets. Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op, we sell a variety of pellets for pellet stoves, and fire-logs to replace the need for firewood.

Pellet stoves are an economic way to heat your home. Sourced from sawmill by-products, stove pellets are a recycled, renewable resource. Try a bag of Snohomish Co-Op house brand burning pellets, our best-selling burning pellets. Available in both Snohomish and Monroe, our house brand stove pellets burn hotter, drier and cleaner than industry standards set for premium pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir, Snohomish Co-Op burning pellets produce more heart per pound than other types of wood. They are 25% drier than other premium pellets, burning hotter and more efficiently. They also produce less than 0.25%ash. Less ash means you only need to clean your stove a few times per month. Bring home a couple bags of our Snohomish Co-Op house brand burning pellets today.

Many people find that their pellet stoves work best with a certain type of burning pellets. Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op we have many choices for burning pellets. Find all of your favorite brands at one location like Bear Mountain, Golden Fire, Clean Burn, and North Idaho Energy Pellets. Stock up today by bringing a pallet of burning pellets home. Or schedule a delivery. You can count on our top-notch delivery team to bring exactly what you need from the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op straight to your house.

If you don’t have a pellet stove, we also carry two kinds of fire-logs, suitable for fireplaces, and wood burning stoves. Made from 100%recycled sawmill by-products, fire-logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to split firewood. One pallet of North Idaho Energy or Home-Firelogs can replace 1.5-2 cords of split firewood. This will save on storage needs, and heating costs. Another benefit to replacing firewood with fire-logs is the elimination of fungus, molds, and bugs from the logs. Don’t risk introducing pests into your house from firewood.

Available at both our Snohomish and Monroe Locations, North Idaho Energy Logs burn cleaner, hotter, and longer than traditional firewood. The high density and low moisture content of North Idaho Energy Logs enables them to pack over 8600 BTU’s per pound.

Also available at both locations are Home-Fire logs which produce heat for up to 12 hours. Their patented technology compresses wood waste so densely that the logs will burn red hot throughout, giving off over 8,300BTUs per pound. Made with no additives or waxes, Home-Fire logs stay together without falling apart and have an extremely low moisture content of 2%. They produce the most efficient burn available in manufactured fire-logs today.

Purchase your North Idaho Energy logs or Home-Fire logs individually, or by the pallet. Don’t forget your fire-starting products like gel, extra-long matches, discs, and shavings to get your fire started quickly. Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op, we have everything you need to keep your home toasty warm this fall and winter.

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