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Horse Tack

Horse Tack

When it comes to equipping your horse for riding, the right tack makes all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, understanding the various types of horse tack is crucial for the comfort and safety of both horse and rider. Today, we’ll delve into the essentials—headstalls, reins, bits, girths, saddle pads, and more. Additionally, we’ll highlight some high-quality brands such as Weatherbeeta and Weaver, and explore the importance of accessories like halters, lead ropes, boots, wraps, and riding gear. We'll also guide you on how to get the proper size for each item to ensure the best fit for your horse.

Headstalls and Bridles

A headstall, part of a bridle, is essential for steering and controlling your horse. It fits over the horse's head and holds the bit in place. To ensure a proper fit, measure your horse's head from the corner of the mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of the mouth.

Weatherbeeta offers bridles in a variety of hues—from classic blacks and browns to fun, vibrant shades—allowing you to match your tack to your personal style or barn colors. Weaver also provides top-notch leather headstalls known for their durability and classic look.


Reins attach to the bit and allow the rider to communicate with the horse. The length of the reins is important; they should be long enough to provide slack but short enough to maintain control. Standard rein lengths typically range from 54 to 60 inches for English bridles.

Weatherbeeta reins are known for their durability and come in colors that match their bridles, ensuring a coordinated look. Weaver offers high-quality reins made from both leather and synthetic materials, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and comfort.


Bits are placed in the horse’s mouth and are used to direct and control the horse. To ensure a proper fit, measure the width of your horse’s mouth using a bit measure or a piece of string marked at the corners. Bits come in different styles and materials, including snaffle bits, curb bits, and more. The right bit depends on your horse’s training and comfort.

Weaver offers a variety of bits crafted with precision and care to ensure gentle yet effective communication with your horse.


Girths secure the saddle on the horse’s back, preventing it from slipping. To measure for a girth, use a soft tape measure to find the distance from one billet strap, under the belly, to the other billet strap, ensuring you add a few inches for adjustment.

Weatherbeeta girths come in materials like leather, neoprene, and synthetic fabrics with features like elastic ends and cushioning for added comfort. Weaver girths are renowned for their robust construction and reliable performance.

Saddle Pads

Saddle pads provide cushioning between the saddle and the horse's back, preventing chafing and absorbing sweat. Measure your saddle's length and width to ensure the pad provides adequate coverage.

Weatherbeeta offers an array of saddle pads in both traditional and playful colors. Whether you’re looking for something classic or want to brighten up your tack collection, there’s a saddle pad to suit every taste. Weaver saddle pads are known for their quality materials and excellent design, ensuring maximum comfort for your horse.

Halters and Lead Ropes

Halters are used to lead and tie up horses and come in various materials, including nylon, leather, and rope. To measure for a halter, use a tape measure to check the circumference of the horse’s nose and the length from one side of the face over the poll to the other side.

Weatherbeeta offers durable, everyday halters and lead ropes as well as more decorative options for shows and special occasions. Weaver halters and lead ropes are highly regarded for their strength and craftsmanship, providing reliable performance in all conditions.

Boots and Wraps

Protective boots and wraps are vital for preventing leg injuries during riding or training. Measure the circumference of the horse’s leg and the length from knee to hoof for front boots, and hock to hoof for hind boots.

Weatherbeeta provides a range of protective boots and wraps that offer support and shield the horse’s legs from impact and strain. Weaver boots and wraps are designed for durability and protection, ensuring your horse's legs stay safe.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves improve grip on the reins and protect your hands from blisters and calluses. To find the right size, measure around the widest part of your hand, excluding the thumb, and compare it to the glove size chart.

Weatherbeeta and Weaver both offer gloves that fit well and provide the right balance of flexibility and protection for your riding style.


Spurs are used to give subtle cues to the horse and enhance leg aids. Ensure they fit snugly on your riding boots without pinching.

Both Weatherbeeta and Weaver provide spurs designed for various riding disciplines, ensuring they enhance communication without causing discomfort to the horse.


Safety is paramount, and a good riding helmet is non-negotiable. Measure around your head just above the eyebrows and use this measurement to find the right size helmet.

Weatherbeeta helmets come with features like ventilation, adjustable fit, and stylish designs. Investing in a high-quality helmet from a reputable brand ensures every rider’s safety.


Ropes are used for a variety of tasks, including leading, tying, and training. They need to be strong, durable, and easy to handle. Measure the length needed for your specific purpose, usually between 8 to 12 feet for lead ropes.

Weaver ropes are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring they stand up to the demands of everyday use.

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