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October 26, 2023

Ice Melt

When we think about Ice and Snow management, Ice Melt is a must. After seeing a large amount of snow and below freezing temperatures this season already, it’s a great time to look at the multiple ice melt options we have in our stores!

Purple Heat

The most popular Ice Melt product made by Selt Depot. This product is designed for Extreme Temperatures down to -15 Fahrenheit with a 92% Sodium Acetate accompanied by 8% Magnesium Chloride! This means that it will melt twice as fast as Rock Salt!

The trademark of this product is of course the Purple dye of the salt. This is one of the best features of this product as it will allow you to know if an area has been treated and how thoroughly it has been applied. This dye will NOT stain and will wash away with the snow. Not only is Purple Heat safe for your concrete but it  is environmentally and pet safe!

Ice Heat

Similar to the Purple Heat but has been designed for less extreme climates. The Ice Heat remains effective down to -7 degrees Fahrenheit with its Magnesium and Calcium mixture with Solar Rock Salt. They included a non staining organic blue dye with this product for application that is environmentally and pet safe. For those who have temperatures that stay within the effective range of this product, it is the best price for the product you get!

How Do I Apply It?

What most people do is to spread using a cup or can to shake the salt out. This method is actually one of the more thorough ways to apply and it allows you to focus more on the product in the most important areas.

Another common method is to use a seed spreader to cast the salt broadly and quickly. This is a great method to use  as well especially if the treated area is large. Be aware that this method may take multiple passes to thoroughly treat the intended area properly.

Please stop in to Our Snohomish and Monroe Locations and ask our staff about these products!

We can’t wait to see you at the Coop!

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