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August 30, 2023

Local Products

The Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op want to take a moment to say Thank You to our communities. We absolutely love being an integral part and a staple in the communities we love. We have been around for 88 years this year in 2023, and our focus to serve our community in every way we can is as vibrant as ever. So here is a Thank You to you all, who have supported us with your loyalty over the years and will for many years to come.

One way we like to support our community is to be a supplier of local products. We have some extremely gifted individuals in our community that let us share their products with our loyal customers. Although we like to help, these products need no help. They are great high end products that we are proud to recommend to our customers and to stock in our stores.

Some of the many products we carry that are made by local small businesses include Doretheas’ Goat Milk Soaps, Timberline Bees Honey, Andersons’ Candles, and Glory Bucha Kombucha. All very popular choices in our stores! Take a minute to look around near the registers to find our local products!

Some of the brands we carry are local as well that you may not realize like our own Snoco Brand which is made by Conway Mills. Scratch&Peck is located in Mount Vernon, which makes some of the most popular feeds enjoyed by our customers.

Another way we like to support the community is with our booth spots at our Snohomish location. We have two booths about the size of a farmers market booth that we offer to our local vendors to set up free of charge. We have a great spot with parking and lots of foot traffic, and auto traffic at a major intersection here in Snohomish. With the Centennial Trail bordering our property this only adds to the potential for the space we offer. All vendors need to do is to coordinate with Mike, our General Manager and get his approval for the setup. His email is

We like to partner with mobile coffee stands and food trucks like Captain Cod Company to bring some eatery options to the area. We are always looking for more partners to work with so please spread the word!

Our location in Monroe has allowed for a fantastic partnership with the groups who meet at the fairgrounds and we love to be a convenient friendly option right next door to take care of your emergency and last minute needs and support in any way we can. We are proud to sponsor a number of events and organizations at the fairground as we have for many years.

Seasonally, we like to provide local wreaths and flower arrangements which local businesses create.

We are a small business and we want to support other small businesses. We know that our customers appreciate that too and many often go out of their way to support their local businesses who really care about them and their community like us.

Stop in to either of our stores, check out our local products we have available and chat with our amazing staff.

We’ll see you at the Co-Op!

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