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When the horses are out in the pasture they get to enjoy their natural grazing. As the grass gets low or just from eating off the ground more, the horses naturally consume large amounts of dirt and sand. This can cause severe problems such as inflammation, diarrhea & sand colic. There is a simple solution to this that should be included in the diets of the horses which is called Psyllium.

What is Psyllium

Psyllium is a plant with a seed husk full of soluble fiber. The husk is the main ingredient in Psyllium sand clearing supplements which are designed to aid in fecal sand output and prevent the build-up of sand in the colon.

If Psyllium is fed in small daily amounts, it can act as more of a prebiotic, or source of food for the beneficial bacteria that live in the hindgut.

However, if fed in larger amounts, it acts as more of a sand purge. When your goal is a sand purge, a dose of psyllium can be given to your horse daily for seven consecutive days out of a month. This can be done on a monthly basis under normal circumstances but can be fed in different amounts and frequencies depending on your horse’s unique situation.

How does Psyllium clear Sand?

The Psyllium husk absorbs water and turns into a sticky gelatin-like substance in the gut. It is a natural laxative, and highly fibrous and while evacuating the digestive tract, it pulls sand or dirt out that has stuck to it. This is a very natural and highly trusted method to protect your horse and elevate their overall health.

How to Feed Psyllium?

Psyllium should never be fed wet! When exposed to water they begin to expand and could cause choking if they are fed after being exposed to water!

Instead, Psyllium is typically in two forms: Crumbles & Pellets. These are typically going to be chosen by preference and are recommended to feed the one which most closely resembles their regular diet.

Psyllium is administered based on dosage. The dosage is determined by the concentration of the specific brand and product you have, and the weight of the horse you are giving it to.

Most Psyllium products include a scoop which for the average size horse (1000 pounds) would be enough. The average horse would benefit from between 5-7 ounces or 1-1.5 scoops. Ensure to read the feeding instructions, as well as dosage suggestions. The amount provided would change for ponies, young horses, and large draft horses.

Providing water for the horse while feeding Psyllium is a necessity. These can also be given during meal time. This is typically done everyday for a week and then waiting 3 weeks and doing another dose.

This is a proven method which can reduce the overall possibility of colic.

Some brands offer higher concentrates of Psyllium per ounce, while some also add flavors and supplements in their pellets!

Here are the options at both the Monroe & Snohomish Co-op:

Sand Clear:

These are crumbles. They are Apple & Molasses flavoring


These are Pellets. They are Apple Flavored!

Talk to your vet if you have any concerns about these, and stop into our stores and ask our staff about these products!

We’ll see you at the Co-op!

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