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January 6, 2022

Snow and Ice

Week of 01/06/2022 Snow and Ice

Although we have not been impacted as badly in years past, let’s not forget that February and March can still bring us some surprises. NOW is the time to make sure that you check your supply and re stock anything before you run out or get stranded at home.

Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op we have sand, ice melt, and some other great items to help reduce issues caused by snow and ice. Whether it’s for Farm or Home, or Homestead be prepared to take more time doing the tasks and chores that you do. Spreading sand, Shavings or even straw can help you get around safely when you’re carrying feed, refilling water troughs and even just getting the compost out.  

If you’ve got muddy walkways this time of the year, shovel out as much loose mud as possible, then dump large flake shavings into the area where you walk and try to add (dig out) a few drainage runs to pull the water away from your pathway. If you need some new boots or raingear to do the work in, come and see us, we can help you stay dry while you’re outside working.  

Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op we have different options for ice melting products to keep your walkways safe during the cold, freezing weather. All of our options are safe for pets, plants, and concrete. With different formulas suitable for different applications, we are sure to have exactly what you need to keep ice off sidewalks, stairs, and walkways.

Purple Heat Ice Melt made by Salt Depo is a 100% renewable resource, made in the USA. Lab tested, Purple Heat Ice Melt is more effective than rock salt and creates instant traction when applied. Ideal for residential and commercial use, it contains an organic, non-staining purple dye for controlled application. Purple Heat Ice Melt utilizes a premium magnesium chloride blend, making it safer for vegetation than calcium chloride blends. With proper application it is not harmful to vegetation, and is safe for pets, the environment, and concrete. Purple Heat Ice Melt works effectively in temperatures as low as negative fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. Available at both our Snohomish and Monroe location in fifty-pound bags, pick up a bag of Purple Heat Ice Melt today.

Also available at both locations is Ice Crusher Ice Melt. Using a premium blend of calcium chloride, Ice Crusher melts ice faster than magnesium chloride blends. A 100% renewable resource, and environmentally friendly, Ice Crusher effectively melts ice in temperatures as low as negative fifteen degrees. Available in fifty-pound or twenty-pound bags, Ice Crusher has an organic, non-staining purple dye for controlled application. With proper use, Ice Crusher is safe for pets, vegetation, and concrete, and creates instant traction. Ideal for residential and commercial application, get your bag of Ice Crusher Ice Melt available at both our Snohomish and Monroe locations.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the water sources for your animals & livestock. One cold night can cause a freeze making it hard for the animals to get the water they need. Let us help you keep your drinking stations accessible all year long. From drain deicers, heated buckets, to bird bath deicers, bucket heaters, and Lock N’ Dry extension cords, the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op is a one-stop shop for everything you need to provide your animals with safe access to drinking water.  

By planning ahead and having the products you need on hand BEFORE you need them, you’ll have a much easier time mitigating the challenges Ice and Snow can bring. Come on in and see us in person if you have questions or would like some additional advice!

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