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January 12, 2023

Stay Safe In The Snow & Ice

When dealing with snow and ice, as pretty as it is, there are some concerns. When driving on the roads we trust the road maintenance crews to be clearing the roads and applying sand and ice to make our commutes possible. The same principles can be applied to our own driveways and walkways to help us deal with the weather in a safe and affordable way.

Shoveling The Snow

One of the more dreaded activities snow brings, shoveling is a common practice and for good reason! If you don’t remove the snow from your walkway or driveway, it will simply compact and in turn take far longer to melt away than before, especially if it freezes again. Also the other treatments and preventative measures will not be as effective if the bulk of the snow has not been removed. To get set up for success, clear your walkways and areas of use the best you can, as early as possible.


The term snowbank comes to mind. When the desired path area is cleared, it is very important to minimize the chances of water buildup in that area. If no drainage paths are created, then the area is likely to pool and can cause a thick layer of ice to form which is defeating the purpose. Take some time to look at  the area and clear drainage paths in the low spots to allow the water to flow away from the area.


Once the snow is cleared with drainage ability, there are some options to consider with regards treating the area. The main goals are to provide texture which will help to prevent slipping and to prevent ice period. Both are easily done with products you can find right here at the Snohomish or Monroe Co-op!

Ice melt is what most people would consider doing for their driveways and walkways which is a great option of course. This will help to prevent freezing by lowering the freezing point in the treated areas. The salt also provides texture to the area as well until it is dissolved. For paved areas this is definitely advised as a great option.

For those areas that maybe aren't paved, the ice melt might prove to be less effective.These areas are still very important for us and so here are some tricks to make those areas more manageable!

After Clearing the bulk of the snow away and providing drainage, apply straw or shavings to the walkway. This will help by being highly absorbent and removable, as well as creating a lot of texture to prevent slipping. The benefit of these options are that straw and shavings are very cost effective and will offer a large amount of coverage. They also will naturally decompose.

Give it a try or come talkto our staff about these options at either one for stores, and wewill help you get set up for a less slippery season!

We’ll see you at the Co-op!

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