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November 23, 2023

Tank De-Icers

One of the best ways we can take care of our animals is by being prepared. When the seasons change, the struggles that we deal with also change and as winter comes around this year the Coop wants to help you stay prepared for the cold freezes which are inevitably coming!

We all understand the necessity of clean accessible water for our animals but maintaining it effectively on the cold nights and days can be difficult. Taking that into consideration we brought in various De-Icers that will make this issue melt away and help you take care of your animals in the best way possible!.

Here are some of the variety of options that we carry to fit your specific needs:

Bucket Heater for 5 Gallon Buckets

This is a Fantastic addition for your supplies. This heater is highly effective and can heat water up to 180 degrees. The Stainless Steel guard helps protect your bucket from contact with the heater to prevent any damage. This is a very versatile heating element that will help you with all your various heating needs around the house and farm.

Heated Buckets

In terms of “Ease of Use'', it's hard to beat these heated buckets. They are available in 2 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 16 Gallon sizes depending on your needs. These buckets are made with a durable plastic and once powered up, they are thermostatically controlled to keep the water from freezing but not to get it too warm to be harmful to the animal in any way.

The 2 gallon comes pre wired. The best part of these is there is no visible heating element, making it one of the safest options These buckets are able to be effective to temperatures down to -20F!

Pail & Bird Bath De-Icer

Living here in the PNW has so many perks. One of them being the amount of nature that surrounds us. For those of you who enjoy the company of the local birds who you may feed and water, it doesn’t have to stop just because it's cold out. In fact, you will be doing the birds a huge favor by being one of the few non-frozen water sources available to them. This is a very versatile heater able to be used on your current setup: Metal or Plastic, 1 quart or 15 gallons. The clip allows it to be easily attached to the container.This De-Icer is also thermostatically controlled to be efficient and safe.

Now you may be thinking about the cord, realizing those friendly birds are often curious and like to peck at everything they see. This De-Icer took that into consideration and was made with a 6 foot cord with an Anti-Chew Protector. This will also be good in case any other animal comes and visits your waterer as well.

Heated Chicken Water

For our Poultry Owners we have a special product for you! This poultry water maintains the design of your traditional poultry waterer which is at the ideal height for your birds and what your birds are most likely accustomed to already. The filling method is the same as well, with a removable 3 gallon fill tank.

A great feature of this waterer is the heating element built into the base of the waterer making it completely protected for your chickens and protects the electrical wiring from being exposed to the water that the birds so often spill! The heat is thermostatically controlled for energy efficiency and safety. If you have chickens, this is a must have product.

For you all with larger tank needs, Keep Reading! We have some excellent options to show you!

Sinking Tank De-Icer

When dealing with larger tanks we have a few options depending on your needs and preferences. The Sinking De-Icer is made to be at the bottom of your large water tank. It effectively heats the entire tank to proper temperature but maintains a temperature through the thermostatic control.

This is a great option to keep the heating element away from the animals or if the tank is not against a barrier so animals are free to access from any side without dealing with a heating element in their way. This comes with a tank guard making it safe to use on both plastic and metal tanks.

Floating Tank De-Icer

The Floating Tank De-Icer is the most energy efficient option of the large tank De-Icers. It effectively maintains above freezing temperatures in the whole tank, but by being on the surface where the freeze affects the most, it maintains that heating level more efficiently. This is effective in 100-300 gallon tanks with a thermostatically controlled heating element. A De-Icer guard is a recommended addition to this item to keep the heating element away from the tank itself and the animals.

Drain Plug De-Icer

This Drain Plug De-Icer is specifically designed for Rubbermaid Stock Tanks Only. It fits perfectly into the Drain Plug of the tank, making it great for keeping the cord out of the water of the animals. The Heating element is thermostatically controlled for efficiency. This product is safe for horses and livestock, and also for your Rubbermaid Tank.

Those are the De-Icer options we carry for your various needs but we have a couple more items that will interest you!

De-Icer Guard

This De-Icer Guard is a great option to accompany your other De-Icing units. It will protect your tank and your animals by creating a contact barrier. Check your product to see if this is an option that will fit the units you have!

The fact that all these products are designed to be dealing with the outside elements and with the contents being water, being sure that the Electricity and the water don’t meet is necessary. This could be dangerous for you and your animals. I would consider for my house this lst product essential:

Lock-N-Dry Power Cord

This Power cord provides a watertight attachment for the electrical components. It is still detachable making it user friendly and easy to change use in multiple applications. Since water is near in all of these applications, you definitely need this product.

Head into either of our stores soon to get these products so you’re prepared for the winter storms  that are on their way. Ask our employees about these products if you want a second option or help finding the right product for your specific situation.

We’ll see you at the CO-OP!

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