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February 16, 2024

The Birds are Back!

Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month in the U.S.? This is the month where millions of people refresh their bird feeders, replenish their depleted winter supplies, and get out their binoculars and cameras to enjoy the tranquility of watching nature at their doorstep.

After a long winter, these birds are in need of some nutrition. They have used their energy and fat stores during hibernation, and will be eagerly looking to feed, water and socialize. As the month progresses, you may notice more and more varieties and numbers for you to enjoy. The beginning of mating will begin as well as you hear the songs and see them try to attract their mate.

What should you give them?

Depending on what type of birds you are wanting to attract, will govern the options you choose. Most people will do things such as a standard wild bird seed mix with milo, and corn, and sunflower as a general catchall since many birds enjoy these ingredients. Peanuts are a great option for many as well!

Some of the options we carry at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-op are shelled peanuts and even shelled sunflowers making the mess minimal and the waste drastically less. Look for the Snohomish Patio Mix “No-Waste” in our stores in multiple sizes!

The suet cakes are great options since they store well, they are very popular, and make it easy to rotate flavors increasing your likelihood of attracting a larger variety to enjoy. Not only are these just an easy option but after the long winter the Suet cakes are high in fat and energy and are very beneficial for the birds overall health and to help them get their energy for mating season. These are definitely worth a consideration if you haven’t tried them and if you have, get stocked up at either of our stores!

We have a great variety of Suet feeders as well!

Another popular option is mealworms. You may be surprised that birds other than chickens are fans of the bugs but they are! Some of the variety you may get will change if you have never fed a meat protein in your bird feeders which could lead to a great experience this spring! Both stores have a huge selection of quantity and type of bugs to choose from.

Like we discussed at the beginning or winter, there are a few varieties of birds who stick around all winter long if you provide food consistently. Anna's Hummingbird was a great example of this, so February is not too early to get out your hummingbird feeder and get the food from our stores. Hummingbird’s are a common favorite to watch. Their temperament, beauty, and fascinating physical abilities are a sight to behold. If your old feeder is needing an upgrade or you don’t currently have one, we offer a number of varieties of hummingbird feeders as well!

The hummingbird nectar is in both the premixed and powdered form.

Although February is in a lot of ways the end of winter, as we all start prepping for the spring time activities, there are still plenty of natural elements to combat occurring regularly all through the month. Some years the cold in February is serious. Providing food and water is extremely beneficial especially if the ground is icy or snowy. This makes hunting and scavenging difficult, and makes finding an adequate water supply difficult. We offer bird water heaters in our stores. They are easy to use, and simply keep the water at an above freezing temperature.

If you're gearing up for a full year of bird feeding, we carry large bags of bird seed in our stores to support your needs!

Come in, check out our options and talk with our staff!

We’ll see you at the Co-op!

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