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November 15, 2021

Water Deicers

Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op we have a variety of products to keep your pet and livestock waters from freezing. Don’t let the cold weather prevent access to your animals’ water. From drain deicers, heated buckets, to bird bath deicers, bucket heaters, and Lock N’ Dry extension cords, the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op is a one-stop shop for everything you need to provide your animals with safe access to drinking water.

For stock tanks with drain holes like Rubbermaid and Behlen tanks, bring home a universal drain plug deicer. This piece mounts securely into your tank’s drain hole, keeping the heating element away from livestock. The durable, stainless steel heating element is thermostatically controlled and features over-temperature protection for safe, efficient operation. Drain hole deicers are safe for horses and other livestock, and are safe in both plastic and metal tanks. The universal drain plug deicer is recommended for 100-300gallon tanks and can be found at both our Snohomish and Monroe locations.

Also suitable for keeping 100-300 gallon stock tanks from freezing over are sinking and floating deicers. With strong, durable, stainless steel heating elements, they are thermostatically controlled for efficiency. When fitted with a metal guard, both are safe for use in plastic tanks. Rugged and weather-resistant, they come with a 6-foot cord with an anti-rub protector. Floating and sinking deicers are available at both our Snohomish and Monroe locations, and are sold separately, or as a set with the metal guard. Metal guards can also be purchased separately.

If you have a smaller tank, pail and bird bath deicers are suitable to keep up to 15 gallons of water from freezing. Safe for metal and plastic containers, the pail and bird bath deicer has a built-in thermostat that conserves energy when water does not need to be heated. It includes an adjustable clamp for mounting to buckets, pails or containers. With a fully enclosed element, it is protected from animals coming in contact with it, and includes a 6-foot cord with anti-chew protection suitable for use with Lock N’Dry extension cords.

If you need to heat up your water, and not just keep it from freezing over, bring home a Bucket Heater. Great for use in 5-gallon containers, bucket heaters will heat water to over 180 degrees. With a stainless-steel guard to protect the heating element, bucket heaters will not damage plastic containers. They come with a 6-foot cord suitable for use with Lock N’ Dry extension cords.

For use with heated buckets, bird bath deicers, and water trough deicers, Lock N’ Dry cords provide a water-tight seal through winter snows and prevents cords from disconnecting. With water resistant connections suitable for outdoor use, Lock N’ Dry cords are available at both our Snohomish and Monroe locations in 50-foot and 25-foot lengths.

Trust in the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op to have the products you rely on to keep your animals safe and healthy throughout the cold winter months. We have the perfect deicing solution for any size bucket or water trough, plus the Lock N’ Dry extension cords to make sure your outdoor power source is safe and reliable. Let our friendly team help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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