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May 26, 2022

Watering Your Lawn and Garden

We are lucky in the Pacific Northwest to receive a good amount of sun and rain during the growing seasons. However, to keep our lawns and gardens green and growing throughout dry summer stretches, some attention will need to be given to irrigation. Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op, we have a good selection of tools and products to help with your watering needs.

For overhead watering, which reliable sprinklers provide, it’s best to water lawns and gardens in the morning. If you water in the hottest parts of the afternoon, much of the water will evaporate rather than soak into the roots and soil. Watering in the morning also give your plants’ leaves time to dry out before the evening. Damp leaves at night can encourage fungus, like powdery mildew, to grow.

Visit us at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op to find different styles of sprinklers, and lots of options for garden hoses to deliver water wherever you need it. We have rectangular sprinklers that can water up to 3,600 square feet of lawn and garden, as well as pulsating sprinklers that cover up to a 60-foot diameter. To simplify your watering chore, add a Gilmour Manual Sprinkler Timer. Simply set the amount of time you want your hose or sprinkler to run, switch to “On” and let the mechanical watering timer take care of the rest. It will automatically shut the water off when you want it to, no batteries required.

Lawns need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week to stay lovely and green throughout the summer. To maintain deeper roots, it’s best to give your lawn a deep soak every other day, rather than shorter daily watering sessions. To determine how long to keep your sprinkler on, place an empty pan, or an empty tuna can under your sprinkler and find out how long it takes to fill up to a half-inch of water. Set your sprinkler to run for that amount of time every other day to enjoy a beautiful green lawn all summer long. Find the right sprinkler for your yard, and the attachments needed to get your irrigation job done at both locations in Snohomish and Monroe.

Sometimes, with all of our daily engagements, we just don’t have enough time to properly water gardens in the morning. If you can’t water in the morning, late afternoon is the second-best time of day to soak your garden. Just make sure it’s early enough for the leaves of the plants to dry. It can be beneficial for vegetable gardens especially to be watered later in the day. A good soaking at the end of the day gives plants all night to absorb water without the sun drying everything out. To minimize water landing on leaves, bring home soaker hoses from the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op. Set up soaker hoses and leave them in place all season long to simplify watering your garden. Soaker hoses deliver water to your plants at soil level, preventing wet leaves at night that can lead to fungus and disease. Use Gilmour’s Manual Sprinkler Timer to automatically turn water off when you need it to.

Our friendly team here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op can help you find the products you need to set up lawn and garden watering systems. Find sprinklers, garden hoses, adapters, water times, and soaking hoses at both locations. Don’t let your lawn and garden dry out. Visit the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op today.

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