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January 6, 2022

Weatherbeeta Coats and Blankets

Here at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op, we carry trusted brands you can rely on like Weatherbeeta, a pioneer in the horse, goat and dog blanket industry. For 40years, Weatherbeeta has been creating high quality, comfortable, innovative and durable protection for your animals. Product tested in their Weatherbeeta Lab, hours are spent watching horses’ movement and behavior while wearing their blankets. Tested in all environments and climates, Weatherbeeta works hard to develop new innovations for the best comfort, protection, and freedom of movement for your animal. Tested in the coldest UK winters, through the Canadian Spring and extreme Australian Summer, Weatherbeeta’s products meet strict quality standards to ensure strength, durability, and waterproofness. Their goal is to make sure outside elements don’t get in, while providing the ultimate comfort for your animal. Visit our friendly team at the co-op to explore your options for horse blankets, fleece coolers, rain sheets, goat blankets, and dog coats.

It’s important to find the perfect fit when buying coat or blanket for your horse. A poorly fitted blanket will cause rubbing and discomfort. Measure from the center your horse’s chest, around the body, and to the rear of the quarters. Use a string, or a flexible measuring tape. Start measuring where the neck meets the chest, at the center. Keep the tape snug, at the widest point of the shoulder, down the barrel of the body, and around the widest point of the hindquarters. Finish measuring about 10-12 inches below where the tail starts, right to the edge of the tail. Blankets are sized in three-inch increments. If your horse is between sizes, pick the larger size.

We offer a wide selection of Horse blankets and turnout coats from Weatherbeeta, like the Comfitec Plus Dynamic Turnout blanket. This blanket has a strong and durable triple weave outer shell that is both breathable and waterproof. The memory foam wither relief pad contours to the horse’s shape and adds comfort by lifting the blanket to reduce rubbing. It is easy to use and comes with removable elastic leg straps for a secure and comfortable fit. It comes with a large tail flap for added protection and has reflective strips for added visibility. Weatherbeeta horse blankets come with different options for neck protection, some even have a removable neck to give your horse choices for ultimate comfort. Visit the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op to explore the different options Weatherbeeta has to offer.

As well as horse blankets, Weatherbeeta also makes durable, waterproof coats for your goat. Made with a tough, breathable outer shell, Weatherbeeta’s goat coats haveadjustable touch tape front closure, and a touch tape belly band. For additional comfort and security, they come with removable elastic leg bands. They are very adjustable and have different sizes suitable for all goat sizes. Don’t let your goats miss out on the comfort and protection Weatherbeeta goat coats provide.

Weatherbeeta hasn’t forgotten about your canine friends. Dog coats provide your dog with added warmth and protection. To measure your dog to find the best fitting coat, start at the base of the neck and measure to the base of the tail. Just like with horse blankets, if your dog is between sizes, pick the larger size. Dog coats have adjustable neck and chest straps to make sure the coat fits comfortably. The Snohomish and Monroe Co-Ops carry different options for your dog coat. The Weatherbeeta Deluxe Parka offers a tough, waterproof outer shell, a warm, insulating poly fill, with easy-to-use adjustable touch tape closures. It has reflective striping, and includes a leash hole at the collar, and a belly wrap for ultimate comfort and protection. Also available is the Windbreaker Deluxe Dog Coat. A lighter coat than the Parka, the Windbreaker is showerproof, with a warm fleece lining for comfort. It has a raised collar for additional warmth, and an adjustable touch tape closer with a belly wrap for extra protection. No matter which style you choose, your pup will love the warmth and comfort Weatherbeeta dog coats provide.

Visit the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op today. Our friendly team will help you find the perfect coat for your horses, goats, and dogs. If you need laundry service for your Weatherbeeta coats and blankets, both locations are a dop-off and pick-upsite for Blanket Express. Blanket Express specializes in the washing, repairing and weatherproofing of all your equine related items. Wednesdays are Blanket Express pick-up and drop-off days at the Snohomish and Monroe Co-Op. We have what you need to keep your animals warm and protected through any kind of Pacific Northwest weather.

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