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November 6, 2023

Winter Blankets

Here at the Co-op, you may have noticed our great selection of clothing and apparel! We love to be able to provide such a large selection of popular name brand clothing, shoes and more! We wanted to make sure you were also aware of the large selection of winter blankets that we have for your various animals and pets!

Similarly to how we rely on the clothing we wear, animals can benefit from the comfort of a winter blanket. The most common type of blanket you may have heard of, is for Horses since they are treated very much like pets but are typically in an outdoor space. Jackets for dogs are becoming much more common as well. We carry a great selection of both of these but we also carry some blankets for Goats, Sheep, and even Calves!

When to Use Winter Blankets

Now the obvious reason to use a blanket on your animals is to protect them from the elements like the rain, snow, wind, and cold. The correct time to apply the blanket is dependent on the animal and its natural tolerances and the type of blanket your animal has. Some are thick to provide adequate protection in extreme temperatures, while some may be designed for more mild weather conditions.

The main brand that we carry for blankets is the world renowned Weatherbeeta! We are proud to be able to offer this great product to our customers and truly believe in their products. They are one of the foremost leading brands to address comfort and movement in their blankets which they pair with top quality materials and insulating materials. This creates a highly effective product that your animal will enjoy, and that will last a long time!

Here at the Coop we are proud to offer a wide variety of Weatherbeeta Turnout Blankets!

A great Selection of Weatherbeeta Coolers

And Weatherbeeta’s top-of-the-line Rain Sheets

Weatherbeeta is a company who takes quality to a whole new level. They have Labs where they observe their products in use, paying attention to every detail of movement to be able to create the product they now offer. We know you care about animals and want them to be treated as good as you possibly can and this is why we are so excited to be able to have these products in our stores. They are made to provide the best protection from the elements possible while giving your animals the full range of motion and comfort they enjoy without a cover.

How do I know what type of coat to get?

This is going to depend on a number of factors that you can easily assess.

Is your horse inside a stable?

Is your horse’s coat short, medium, or long?

Is your horse out in the Rain, Snow, Sun, Heat?

By answering these questions you can start to determine the style of Blanket you need.

A horse with short hair who is outside year round may need a Turnout Blanket in the Winter and a Cooler in the summer to adequately protect the horse. Whereas, a horse with a thick long coat who is boarded inside may be more properly fit with a Rain Sheet to protect it when it is out working or grazing but may not need the extra protection from the elements.

What size should I get for my horse?

Weatherbeeta provided us with a great tool to share with our customers to make figuring out the right size much more simple!

This chart shows you how to properly measure your horse:

Simply take these measurements for your horse and our staff can help you find the size and style of your choice!

Now, as was mentioned earlier Weatherbeeta has also expanded their expertise into some other animal categories as well. They make an amazing blanket for Goats and Dogs and they also include a sizing instruction and chart as well!

Blankets are an awesome product that has been becoming more and more perfected in recent years. They really are an essential item for your outdoor animals and a nice addition to all of your outdoor recreation.

Stop into either of our Snohomish or Monroe locations to check out our selection and talk with our staff about the right fit for you!

We’ll see you at the Co-op!

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