Chick Special Orders

Pickup @ Monroe Co-op

All chick special orders will be handled by the Monroe team.


We will do our best to get Special Orders on a regular order to save on shipping charges, but sometimes that is inevitable. We will contact the customer prior to ordering the birds to ensure that the customer is still interested.  If the order totals more than $100 retail, we will ask the customer to pay in advance. In the event of a no-hatch or no-ship, we will refund the customer 100%.


  • Our chicks arrive in the latter part of the week, typically Thursdays & Fridays. A member of our team will call you when your birds are available.
  • Customers will be required to pick up their special orders between 8am-11am on delivery day.
  • Failure to pick up special orders will result in releasing them for public sale.
  • Orders are not guaranteed to arrive as expected. Nature can be fickle. Hatches can fail. If this happens, we will do our best to reorder.


Customers must commit to the following minimums when special ordering:


  • 10, same breed & color


  • 10, same breed & color


  • 10, same breed & color


  • 10, same breed & color

Meat Birds:

  • 10, same breed

Game Birds:

  • 50 of the same breed

Guinea Keets

  • 10, same breed & color

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